Application areas


To avoid the spread of infection. But in a crisis with shortages of coats, gloves, shoes, hats and masks, actual disposable items are in short supply.



With our RefresherBoxx; hoteliers can offer their clients a completely new service. In addition, generate new revenues - and all that super fast.


In bowling centers and ski halls, thousands of people wear rental shoes and equipment every day. With the RefresherBoxx, everything is sterilized, and made fragrant again within 30 minutes.


During a wellness stay or after a workout, shoes, protectors, and sportswear can be refreshed germ-free and against any bad fragrant

Business & Operations

In times when we are constantly traveling around the world for business, we need to protect ourselves well. Companies and co-working spaces can also purchase RefresherBoxx as a service for their employees.


The RBx is a valuable addition and opens up a whole new source of income, especially for delicate fabrics, suits and shoes. Furthermore, it can be used on a mobile in various locations.


With the RBx, breathing masks, pillows and rental objects such as walking aids can be made aseptic.

Also ideal for allergy sufferers!

Stage Entertainment

A small hall full of millions of elaborately decorated costumes, uniforms and accessories - that's theatrical art. But bacteria and germs that we can fight collect there too.

Electrical devices

Electrical devices and smart textiles are too sensitive for conventional washing. However, they can be processed with the RefresherBoxx.

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