Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The RefresherBoxx cleanes with an intelligent combination of prooven physical methodes. It uses active oxygen, light of different wavelengths, air pressure differences and temperature modes to refresh the items quick, gentle and eco-friendly.

The active oxygen is generated in the RefresherBoxx.

Of course we use only high quality products and have high standards. So it is 100 % save.

No active oxygen can escape the box. Everything is filtered out by the activated carbon filters.

Since we are a small bootstraped start-up we start with B2B to get known and switch than to B2C.

We are starting with the B2B sector and will be adressing the B2C market after that. That´s when you can buy the Boxx!

To save water and reduce the microplastic pollution. All your cloth which smell sweaty can be refreshed in the RefresherBoxx. Also for your shoes and suits.

The current version can’t remove stains but we are already working on our next version, which can do that.

After the cleaning process, they smells neutral. With the use fragrance pads to add that nice fresh smell you know from your washing machine.

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