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Between 100 and 400 litres of drinking water are consumed per person and day in the western world. Up to 45 percent of this amount goes down the drain for laundry and toilet flushing. So, every year, 15.9 gigatons of water are used worldwide for washing clothes alone, which is five times as much as Lake Starnberg. These quantities are a heavy burden on our drinking water resources. Not only the waste of water pollutes our limited water resources, but also the microplastics that cannot be filtered out and get into the drinking water is a problem. With every wash, millions of microplastic particles are rinsed into the water. In addition, 208 million m3 of detergent, or 71 times the volume of the Allianz Arena worldwide, gets into the water every year. Surfactants in any form are highly problematic for the environment. They must be filtered out again. The recycling of the water, but also the heating during the wash cycle, consumes a lot of electricity and energy.

Using the RefresherBoxx saves a lot of precious water and is very sustainable. Since the RefresherBoxx does not wash with water and not with chemicals, nature is spared. Without water there is no waste of water, no microplastics washed into the water, no energy for recycling and heating the water. RefresherBoxx has energy-saving components and therefore requires very little energy. The contribution to environmental protection goes even further, all parts are selected for easy recycling at a later date.

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Many items cannot be washed in the washing machine, such as suits, shoes, helmets, cuddly toys, wool, especially cashmere, silk and leather textiles. For this you have to go to a dry cleaner.

The RefresherBoxx removes the odour from all textiles, even from non-washable fabrics. It refreshes and disinfects your suits, shoes, wool, leather and silk textiles.


When cleaning in the washing machine, the clothes are spun through the drum. During each washing cycle, small mini tears are formed in the clothing, they break a little.
Most of our parts do not need to be washed at all, because they are not dirty. 70% of the washed clothes have no stains, are worn 1-2 times and smell like sweat, smoke or similar.

Cleaning from the inside to the outside with an intelligent combination of physical methods the RefresherBoxx can be used for any textile. It prevents shrinkage and damage of senstitive textiles through its gentle cleaning process. You can enjoy your favorite items all around fresh, clean and dry much longer!

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In the washing machine, bacteria and viruses started to get killed at over 60 degrees. However, many pieces cannot be washed at over 60 degrees. This means that the pieces appear washed and clean but still contain bacteria, fungi and co. 

The groundbreaking RefresherBoxx program removes fine dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses and dust mites, fours and chemical detergents from your clothes to protect your Health. 99.99% of bacteria, fungy and co are removed. The RefresherBoxx disinfects your clothes, shoes and other items. This is very good for allergy sufferers.


Washing clothes in the washing machine takes some time. After the treatment they are wet and have to dry. So they can’t be worne directly. Going to the dry cleaning service for the suits that takes a lot of time aswell. Also you have to wait some time untill you have enough clothes to wash a machine.

With the RefresherBoxx you don’t have to wait untill your clothes are dry. You can wear them directly. Also you save yourself a trip to the dry cleaning. The treatment in the RefresherBoxx takes only 30 minutes. And it supports minimalists. At the evening you can put your clothes inside and weare them again at the next day. No need for laundrey mountains.