Safer, Faster,

and More Sustainable

Introducing the next generation of washing to provide a better service.

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We are offering you a product that is not only effective but also integrates sustainability into every aspect of our offering.

How to Use it

1. Hang

the textiles

2. Close 

the RefresherBoxx

3. Choose 

and start a program

4. Enjoy already

after 30 minutes


Adapters for Shoes or clothes

Refresher Lamps

Fragrance Capsules

Made in Germany

Enabling Technologies

Removing viruses, germs, fungi and allergns

The RefresherBoxx operates without water, ensuring both environmental sustainability and significant water savings.

No water

Using RefresherBoxx, we have the potential to decrease detergent consumption by approximately 208 million m3, equivalent to the volume of the Cologne Cathedral.

No chemicals

Unlike conventional washing machines, a laundry cycle with the RefresherBoxx avoids the generation of microplastics, preventing their release into the oceans.

No microplastics

Save not Just the World,

but also your Textiles.

Whether you're working with delicate silk, rugged denim, or anything in between, our product is designed to meet all your textile needs.





Any other textile