App for End Users "Pay-Per-Use"

With the help of the webapp, you can see what mode your RBx is in, even without an account.


Open your camera and scan the QR code on the RBx. Then the appropriate WebApp "RefresherBoxx" will open automatically without the need to install it.


After that, verification will be sent to you via SMS, where you just have to confirm it with the code.

*If the pairing hasn't worked, keep calm, check your internet connection and reload the page.


If the verification worked, you can now proceed to the payment.


After that, please hang your desired item in the RefresherBoxx.


Finally, press the small round button on the RefresherBoxx.


The Refresher mode has now been initiated, allowing you to view the current operating mode of the RefresherBoxx.


After 30 minutes, your garment is refreshed, disinfected, and fragrant.

It's now ready for use again!

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