What does it do?

The RefresherBoxx is a device that eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. It was originally designed as a refreshing and hygiene device for hotels, businesses, and home use. When we, along with the rest of the European public, became aware of the current pandemic, we realized that we could support the people working in the healthcare system as well as others with the RefresherBoxx. The proven technologies and the unique concept can help us all right now. In theory, placing a RefresherBoxx in hospitals, in retirement homes, and at other critical infrastructures would make for safer workplaces for carers as well as safer environments for the most vulnerable. Supporting the people who support the vital logistics we need to keep our daily lives running, would make for a safer place where we could help you all to #staysafe.

The RefresherBoxx has been tested in various situations and with a multitude of pathogens and is effective against COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)! If you need our solution to clean PPE: get in touch!

Innovative Program

With an intelligent combination of proven physical methods the RefresherBoxx removes viruses, fine dust, allergens, bacteria, dust mites and chemical detergents from your clothes to protect your Health. It can refresh protective textiles such as lab coats, shoe covers and masks within 30 minutes. Any items like suits, shoes, wool, leather and silk textiles can be treated with the RefresherBoxx. The innovative adapter enables gentle cleaning. So you can stay safe!

Advantages of the RefresherBoxx



In 30 minutes the RefresherBoxx cleaning cycle is finished. Any textiles are ready to be worn immediately.
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The groundbreaking combinations of proven technologies protects your health by removing viruses, bacteria, allergens and bacteria.
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The RefresherBoxx is suitable for a variety of textiles – even for non washable textiles, shoes and leather.
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Eco friendly

No water and chemicals are used throughout the entire cleaning cycle.
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Cleaning from the inside out the Refresherboxx prevents damage and distortion of textiles.
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